June 2023

July 2023: Vol 49, No 7

As the news sinks in about therecent death of Tina Turner, it is only natural that our thoughts turn to her most iconic performance.

The song originally performed by the Creedence Clearwater Revival with lead singer and songwriter John Fogarty would propel Turner’s career into
blockbuster stardom and crown her the undisputed “Queen of Rock ’n Roll” by her fans worldwide, the media and the music industry.

June 2023: Vol 49, No 6

When I think of William H. Macy, my first thought turns to “Wild Hogs,” the 2007 blockbuster movie about middle-aged men reliving their youthful days by taking to the open road on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles from Cincinnati to California.

Not generally known for his comedic acting, Macy showed his funny side like never before, including his scenes in which he crashes on his bike while gawking at bikini-clad women at the beach. To this day, I can watch the movie over and over again whenever I need to laugh out loud and often.