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March 2022: Vol 48, No 3

When I think of Bette Midler, I can’t help but start humming one of her most famous songs,
“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” which was a modern rendition of the Andrews Sisters hit from the 1940s. And, for those of us who grew up exposed to World War II American music, Midler epitomized the sounds and tunes of that era.

Combined with her outrageous comedic talent, she quickly established herself as a major force in the entertainment industry. Her career has resulted in the highest honors that can be bestowed on a star of music, film, and stage, including four Golden Globes, three Grammys, three Emmys, two Tonys, and the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor which she received last year at age 75

February 2022: Vol 48, No 2

One of the most interesting aspects of writing about a Boomer era celebrity each month is the path taken from obscurity to fame. This is what makes the story of Johnny Mathis, now 86 years young, so remarkable.

Not long after his birth in Gilmer, in East Texas, Mathis’ parents, Clem Mathis and Mildred Boyd moved him and his six siblings to San Francisco’s Richmond District where he grew up. His father, a singer, and pianist who had worked in vaudeville noticed that his young son had singing talent after watching him perform at church and school functions.

January 2022: Vol 48, No 1

Now that the holiday season is in the rearview mirror, there is always one song that stays in my head for weeks down the road. There is something about Brenda Lee’s iconic tune – ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’– that brings back memories of my long-ago youth.

For those of us born in the early to mid-1940s, our versions of the ‘happy days’ (the fabulous 50s) consisted of listening to radios, many of the transistor and battery variety, and marveling at the very beginning of the Rock ’n Roll era.

December 2021: Vol 47, No 12

No, if you are looking at this month’s cover photo, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, Tom Cruise is, at 59, officially a senior and eligible to be featured in “Senior Reporter.”

And if you are like me, it is hard to imagine that this Hollywood icon who entered superstardom status with his classic role in the blockbuster film “Top Gun” at age 24 is still performing his own stunts in the action-thriller movies.

Barring another Covid-related production delay, the “Top Gun” sequel is scheduled for release sometime next year.

November 2021: Vol 47, No 11

The story of Debbie Harry starts with her name.

She was born 76 years ago in Miami with the name Angela Trimble but was given up for adoption as an infant by her birth mother. A couple in Hawthorne, N.J. Richard, and Catherine Harry, who owned a gift shop, immediately adopted Angela and renamed her Deborah Ann Harry.

At age four, she learned of her adoption, and in the late 1980s, located her birth mother, a concert pianist who rejected having a relationship with her. In her memoir, Harry recalls being a tomboy and spent much of her childhood playing in the woods adjacent to her home in Hawthorne.

October 2021: Vol 47, No 10

In case you’ve been living under a rock for more than 30years, one of the busiest and most famous movie stars of the new millennium is Liam

Beginning with his first big starring role as Oskar Schindler in “Schindler’s List,”
his acting stock has risen to box office heights with such major films as “Michael Collins,” “Les Misérables,” “Star Wars,” “Batman,” “Taken,” “The Grey,” “Silence,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and “A Monster Calls.”

September 2021: Vol 47, No 9

At 58 years young, she’s one of the most respected and multi-faceted performers in the entertainment industry today. She’s sold millions of records worldwide, appealing to every musical taste, from pop to jazz, from Latin to gospel. Her honors include Emmys, Grammys, Tony’s, Golden Globes, and others.

Of course, I’m talking about Vanessa L. Williams whose road to celebrity status began
when she became the first African-American woman to receive the Miss America title in

August 2021: Vol 47, No 8

It seems inconceivable to me and, if you talk to others in the movie industry they will agree, Kevin Bacon is one of the best actors never to have received an Oscar nomination.

The Academy Award judges missed the mark and should have given one of the most famous American actors the industry’s highest honor for Bacon’s leading or supporting roles in such high-profile films as “Footloose,” “JFK,” “A Few Good Men,” “Apollo 13,” “Mystic River,” “The River Wild,” “Hollow Man,” and so many others.

July 2021: Vol 47, No 7

In case you haven’t heard, one of our all-time favorite TV judges, Judge Judy, is taking her show to a different courtroom.

The jury is still out on whether the new digital streaming
version, “Judy Justice”, will reach the award-winning success levels of the 25-year-long run of her iconic show, but Amazon’s IMDb-TV is betting

May 2021: Vol 47, No 5

We – and I am referring to most of our “Senior Reporter” readers – will always associate Angela Lansbury with her iconic TV mystery series, “Murder, She Wrote,” and
her role as the fictional writer and whodunit sleuth Jessica Fletcher.

However, how many of us know the vibrant, highly successful 95-year-old actress
whose professional career was as complicated as her life away from stage and screen?

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